Camp Meetings


Wednesday, July 18 - Meetings

7:00am - 8:00am

Help! Something's Wrong! – Part 1: In Spite of That ...
Don C. Schneider

Mt. Hood Audtitorium - Holden Convention Center

There’s a nagging feeling of personal discomfort, a lack of peace in your heart, and a longing for something better. Can the problem be fixed? Is there a solution? Don Schneider will share through life stories and Scripture where he has found the answer . . . and where you can find Him for yourself.

9:00am - 10:00am

Growing a Dynamic Church for All Ages: Key Chain Leadership and Empathizing with Today's Young People
Benjamin Lundquist

Mt. Hood Audtitorium - Holden Convention Center

The vast majority of Seventh-day Adventist Churches are both shrinking and aging as more senior, youth, and young adults disengage. However, both Adventist and non-denominational research projects have identified scores of congregations across the country who are reversing this trend while developing cultures that welcome, empower and engage senior, youth, and young adults effectively. Growing a Dynamic Church for All Ages will be a highly engaging teaching series taught be Pastor Benjamin Lundquist, Young Adult Ministries director for the Oregon Conference and Young Adult Ministries director for the North American Division, equipping attendees to better reach, love, and empower today’s younger generation breathing life and energy into the entire church family. –Today we will focus on our personal calling to develop leaders, while giving time and attention to understanding the challenges, hopes, and dreams of today’s younger generation.

10:30am - 12:00noon

The Five Circles of Christian Compassion
Mark Fulop

Cascade Room B & C – Holden Convention Center

This interactive workshop will help participants understand a Christian’s response to community need. We'll learn how to develop or improve a community service ministry or program and we will discuss the differences between personal compassion, a church-based compassion ministry, and a dedicated community service agency. By the end of the session, you will be equipped to facilitate a community service planning workshop with a church or other ministry group.  

Why Romans Doesn't End With Chapter 8
Ernie Bursey

Mt. Hood Auditorium – Holden Convention Center

Rising Together: God’s Plan—Being a Christian is a team effort. We are each baptized into the body of Christ (Rom. 6:5), so, fellowship with other believers is not optional. But how can we be helpful without hurting each other? We'll look at Paul’s counsel on our life together and get practical guidelines.

Patterns of Prophecy - Part 1
Ed Lyons

Zull Hall

The key to understanding Bible prophecy is to see spiritual principles and progressive patterns, not looking for monsters to blame. This workshop introduces the four-fold prophetic timeline from Adam to Moses to Daniel to Revelation. The focus is on laying the Biblical and spiritual foundation for prophecy, rather than memorizing historical dates. This makes it simple enough to share!

Part 1: Jerusalem or Antioch

Anthony WagenerSmith

Cascade Room A – Holden Convention Center

Becoming Radical, Mission-Focused Churches. Laying a foundation for church multiplication from a biblical perspective and its implications for today.

Evangelism Training for Churches (ETC)
How to Win the People Next Door

Bert Logan

Laurelwood Room – Holden Convention Center

Part 1 – Getting Every Member Involved. An eye-opening introduction to the local church’s evangelistic efforts and a look at how more members can be encouraged to experience the joys that come with being involved in soul-winning.

Children & Planned Giving
Dennis Carlson

Conference Office Boardroom

Planning for the next generation begins before the children are born. Passing on your values to the next generation is part of planned giving. Parenting is all about preparing the next generation of faithful stewards to be ready to take on their stewardship responsibility when the time comes. God is your partner in this process of stewardship transfer.

2:30pm - 4:00pm

Walking With the Master: Avoiding Memory Decline
Pritham Raj
Cascade Room B/C – Holden Convention Center

We will cover what happens cognitively when we age (spoiler alert, just because we get older doesn’t mean our memory automatically declines). We will review how to prevent and detect memory loss and look at some treatment options. Don’t “forget” to bring your questions!

An Essential Ingredient for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Success!
Fred Hardinge

Mt. Hood Auditorium – Holden Convention Center

Seventh-day Adventists frequently focus on healthy diets, sometimes encourage regular physical activity, and rarely think about rest and sleep. This presentation will explore the value of adequate rest to the whole person.

Knowing Jesus: The First Good Samaritans

Jean Boonstra

Zull Hall

Jean has a passion for seeing Jesus in the everyday, seemingly ordinary stories of the Bible and in the everyday moments of our lives. In this seminar we’ll take a fresh look at the parable of the Good Samaritan. Join us as we get to know Jesus better and take home fresh ideas for connecting with Him in the ordinary moments of our lives.

Why Evangelism & Church Planting Work Best Together – Part 2
Anthony WagenerSmith

Cascade Room A – Holden Convention Center

Too often we divorce evangelism and church planting. This session looks at why it is essential to unite them, taking a deeper look in Scripture, Adventist history, current examples, and the implications for our future.

What is Planned Giving
Dennis Carlson

Conference Office Chapel
Planned giving is much more than what we traditionally think. Estate planning is just the very beginning of the process of planned giving. Providing the proper documents is important, but not the end of the process. Living a life of a faithful steward is your goal as a Christ follower. Having a plan for God’s assets is just part of the planning progression.

Evangelism Training for Churches

How to Win the People Next Door

Charles Byrd

Laurelwood Room – Holden Convention Center

Part 2 – Preparing Yourself and the Church. What practical steps can be taken to prepare yourself and the church to reach out to the community?

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Seeing Us as He Sees Us – Part 2: Trees
Dan Jackson

Plaza Pavilion

In ancient days the prophet Elisha was asked to bring a change to the bitter waters of the city of Jericho. In a fascinating demonstration of God’s power, the prophet used a tree to purify a stream.  How does God use trees in His interchange with us?