Camp Meetings


Wednesday, July 19 - Meetings

7:00am - 8:00am

Worth Dying For – Part 1: Death by Water & Fire
Dick Duerksen

Mt. Hood Audtitorium - Holden Convention Center

Pastor Dick Duerksen’s early morning worships will bring four of the Reformation Martyrs to life. Each presentation will focus on the life and ministry of a martyr. You will learn about the person, their calling, family, beliefs, and the conflicts that resulted in their martyrdom. Additionally, you will be challenged to compare the martyr’s life with your own and consider your personal convictions and the costs of “living as Christ lived.”

9:00am - 10:00am

Martin Luther & the Road to Wittenberg, 1517
Greg Dodds

Mt. Hood Audtitorium - Holden Convention Center

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, 1517-2017, Part I. What led to Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg?  This presentation will explore Luther’s steps to his break with the Catholic Church, the practice of selling indulgences, and why Luther chose October 31, 1517 to challenge the Church.

10:30am - 12:00noon

How to Lead a Team
Jim Wibberding

Cascade Room – Holden Convention Center

The leader is only as good as his/her team. A primary task of leadership is building that team, but something else comes first. Leadership that succeeds beyond the leader starts with the people—before crystalizing a vision or plan. Join this journey of learning how to lead a team in a way that lets the team succeed long after you are gone.

How to Interpret the Book of Revelation
Ranko Stefanovic

Mt. Hood Auditorium – Holden Convention Center

This presentation deals with the question of how to interpret the symbolism of the book of Revelation.  Special attention will be given to the approaches to prophetic interpretation. It will show how the book’s prophecies have their focus on Christ and His promise to be with His people until the very end of this world’s history.

Planning a Christian Estate
Chuck Simpson

Conference Office Chapel

Everyone has an estate plan, but what makes an estate plan Christian? This seminar will explore a framework for developing an estate plan that converts a common activity into a distinctly Christian one. Hint: It has less to do with the beneficiary than you think.

Preparedness for Parents

Kate Castenson

Zull Hall

Join Mercy Corps for a presentation on the risk of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake, and how your home, school, and community can be better prepared.

Evangelism Training for Churches (ETC)
Sharing Jesus with Thunder - Part 1

Charles Byrd

Laurelwood Room – Holden Convention Center

Experience Thunder's Magic Sauce—Imagine a video Bible study where, in the pilot series, 80 to 90% of those who started finished and 70 to 80% made a commitment to Christ and were still active in their local church a year later.  Well, you can stop imagining because that Bible study is here.  If you love Jesus and would love to share Him with others in a fun, simple, and effective way don’t miss the Thunder in the Holy Land experience each morning.

Happy Kids, Happy Families: What Our Kids Need Most!
Karen Ferry

Conference Office Boardroom

We’ll look at growing happy, healthy kids, with a love for God, the community, and themselves and the neuroscience behind our needs for secure attachments and connections, experiencing a sense of orientation and control, distress and pain avoidance, and needing value and validation. Positive discipline will also be addressed with tips on fostering positive relationships, motivation strategies, and creating physical and emotional security for children.

2:30pm - 4:00pm

Evangelism Training for Churches (ETC)
I Met the God Who Repented – Pt 1

Charles Byrd

Laurelwood Room – Holden Convention Center

Battle for the Heart
“I don’t believe in God anymore,” Charles told his new wife Karen. “I’m done!”  Charles was on his way out of faith and fellowship when God showed up. Join Charles each afternoon for this intimate and honest testimony of a journey that led Charles to discover a truth that is lost to many.  A truth that is real and transformative. 

Estate Planning Basics: What You Need to Know
Lee Meadowcroft
Conference Office Chapel

Estate planning can be a confusing and daunting task, but not all estates need to be complex. Even with simple or modest estates, however, an understanding of the documents required, and what they will do is essential. Why might a trust be appropriate and not a will? If married, why might you need a Power of Attorney document? We will discuss these types of questions, go over the basic elements of estate documents, and dispel some common “myths” associated with the passing of your estate.

Northwest Adventist Amateur Radio Association
Carlos Antuna, David Morrill, & Keith Carlin

Zull Hall

Carlos Antuna – How NAARA supports the northwest Adventist church through Adventist Community Service (ACS), camp meeting promotions, regional retreats for fellowship and education, local church activities.

David Morrill – How amateur radio fits into the life of an independent Adventist businessman supporting his church.

Keith Carlin N7ACW – How to lovingly represent Christ and balance volunteer responsibilities.

Unlocking the Code for Brain Healing – Pt 1

Wes Youngberg

Mt. Hood Auditorium
- Holden Convention Center

Of the 318 million people currently living in the United States, 45 million will develop Alzheimer’s. A recent report shows that Alzheimer’s is now the third leading cause of death in the US. In order to get effective improvements in Alzheimer's Disease we must address its underlying causes and focus on a combination of functional and lifestyle medicine strategies. Studies published by the UCLA Center for Alzheimer's Research have shown that up to 88% of mild dementia and early Alzheimer’s may be reversed in six months after initiating a comprehensive lifestyle medicine focused program. We'll talk about the six subtypes of Alzheimer’s as well as insulin resistance of the brain.

How to Make Your Church a Safe Place
Simona Cardwell

Conference Office Boardroom

Do you ever worry about how to keep your kids safe at church? Would you like to know how the Oregon Conference works to keep EVERYONE safe? Here's your chance! In this session we'll share the steps taken, including how the volunteer background check form is used and who it protects. We'll also review how the self-inspection form, and other conference policies, protect your church family, physically and financially. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about Risk Management and give feedback on how we can better serve you!

To Be Announced
Alexander Bolotnikov

Cascade Room – Holden Convention Center

This presentation topic will be announced at the time of presentation.

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Sola Gratia
Ty Gibson

Plaza Pavilion

Grace alone is the unconditional divine means by which we are saved. We cannot earn God’s favor, for the simple and profound reason that we already have it. We can’t merit His love, because He already loves us with all the passion of His self-giving heart. Salvation cannot be purchased, because it is a gift given to us in Christ before we even lift a finger in good works toward Him.   

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