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Snack Shack Menu

The Snack Shack is open 10 am to 7 pm and after meetings. Closed all Sabbath hours.
All underlined items are vegan.

Hot Menu

Provided by East Salem Pathfinders

Vegie burger - orignial recipe  $4.50
Cheese burger (slice of cheese)  $5.00
Vegan burger  $5.50
Chik Pattie burger (Morningstar)  $5.50
Toasted cheese sandwich  $3.00
French fries  $3.00
Fried zucchini (in batter)  $4.00

Provided by Salem Central Pathfidners
Pronto Pups  $2.75

Provided by Trails End Pathfinders
Pizza by the slice - variety of toppings  $3.00
A whole cheese pizza  $15.00
Calzone  $4.50
Garden salad  $3.00
Haystack (can be made vegan)  $5.00   
Watermelon (big slice)  $1.50
Lemonade (in refrigerator)  $1.00
Fruit juice (variety - in refrigerator)  $2.00

Provided by Forest Grove Spanish Pathfinders

Regular corn on the cob (can be made vegan)  $2.50  
Mexican style corn on the cob  $3.00
Corn in the cup  $3.50
Street taco  $2.00
Mexican burrito  $5.00
Horchata (rice milk)  $1.50
Soda pop (variety - in refrigerator)  $1.00
Water (in refrigerator)  $1.00

Provided by Vancouver Spanish
Tamales - 2 with salsa, sour cream  $5.00

Whole Foods (no gluten, dairy free)

Provided by Mid-Columbia Pathfinders

Kettle corn (popcorn) - large bag  $5.00
Honey packets (great for kids)  3 for $1.00
Hummus, sweet potato chips and veggies  $3.00
Cold fruit soup  $3.50
Hot vegetable soup  $5.00
Curry and rice  $5.00
V8 juice (in refrigerator)  $2.00

Dessert Menu  (Cold Foods)

Provided by Rockwood Pathfinders

Fruit smoothies  $4.00
Green smoothie  $5.00
Milkshake  $5.00
Root beer float  $4.00
Snow cones  $1.00
Cinnamon roll / pecan roll  $4.50
Brownie a la mode  $4.00
Scones  $3.50
Cookies  $0.50 each
Bag of ice  $3.00

Provided by Pleasant Valley Pathfinders
Tillamook ice cream, hand dipped  $3.00
    Additional scoop of hand dipped, $2.00 each
Soft sorbet, cone or bowl  $3.75
Waffle cone, add $1.00 to prices above
Frozen chocolate dipped banana  $2.00
Sundae  $4.00