Camp Meetings

Speed Limit on Gladstone Campus is 10 mph!

For Safety's Sake


In case of life-threatening fire, medical or police emergency, call 9-1-1, then immediately notify any camp staff or call Security Dispatch at 503-850-3351.

Oregon state certified Safety and Security officers patrol the campground 24-hours a day. Dispatch personnel are on duty 24-hours a day at the Locations building. Please cooperate with them. They are are ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. They can be reached at 503-850-3551. We suggest you put this number in your phone now so you will have it when you need it.

Keeping Gladstone Safe
- The following are prohibited on the grounds: firearms, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, smoking, vaping, illegal drugs and marijuana. Also prohibited are bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters.

Parking - Please park in designated parking areas only. Display the parking permit with your name and contact information on the dashboard. If a vehicle is parked improperly, every attempt will be made to reach the owner before the vehicle is towed at the owner's expense.

If you would like to park an extra vehicle at an RV site, your vehicle must be parked in line rather than perpendicular to the RV. The extra vehicle must fit within the RV space. Except while loading or unloading, vehicles cannot be parked within tenting areas.

If you wish to park off-grounds, please park in such a way that does not inconvenience our neighbors. Do not block driveways or roadways, etc. Help us keep a positive relationsip with our community.

Crossing Oatfield Road on Foot - For your safety and our community motorists safety, please cross Oatfield Road (the road running along the front entrance area of the camp grounds) at the main entrance across from Gloucester St. During heavy times, the Gladstone Police will be working with us to ensure a safe crossing.

Uneven Ground - While you are walking around the campground, please be aware that the ground is uneven and may pose a tripping hazard. Most hazards on paved walk-ways have been marked with bright paint, however, if you find a tripping hazard that is unmarked, please inform someone at Dispatch so we can ensure it is marked properly.

Children - The protection and safety of our children is a top priority. Please keep a close eye on them during your stay. As an extra safety precaution, parents are encouraged to take a photo of their minor children after they are dressed each morning. If the child becomes separated or lost, that photo can be immediately sent out to the campground staff, making quickly locating the child much easier.

Animals & Pets - Animals are not allowed on the grounds during the week of camp meeting. However, assistance animals are permitted. Comfort, therapy, and emotional support animals do not meet the definition of an assistance animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All assistance animals are to be registered with Locations and receive a tag that must be displayed whenever the assistance animal is on the grounds. Dispatch has handouts with boarding options for people who bring an animal onto the grounds that is not an assistance animal.

Cooking - Tent Sites: Cooking must be done in designated cooking areas. Propane and white gas stoves are allowed. Containers must stay upright and secure at all times.

RV Sites: Please have a fire extinghisher on hand for any cooking activities planned inside or outside of your RV.

High Rocks - Please be aware that the High Rocks area on the Clackamas River (behind Safeway and Holiday Inn Express) is a local teenage hang-out during the summer months. The water is usually cold and the currents can be very strong and, while there is a lifeguard provided by the City of Gladstone and AMR, there have been fatalities. If your adolescent wants to visit High Rocks, please ensure they are properly supervised.

- Please be respectful of others and observe curfew and quiet time from 11:00pm - 7:00am daily.