Camp Meetings
Camp Meetings

2016 Camp Meeting Dates

~ Spanish Gladstone Camp Meeting July 14-16, 2016

~ English Gladstone Camp Meeting  July 19-23, 2016

~ Motorcycle Camp Meeting: August 26-28, 2016

English Gladstone Camp Meeting at a Glance

This year’s Gladstone Camp Meeting presenters include Mike Tucker, who will be speaking in the Plaza Pavilion for the evening programs at 7:00 pm, Carl Cosaert, who will be speaking at 9:00 am, Wednesday through Friday for our Bible study time in the Plaza Pavilion, and Ron Halvorsen, Jr, who will be our Sabbath church presenter.

Seminars throughout the week will include presentations by Hans Diehl, Alice Busch, Cory Jewell Jensen, Olan Thomas, and Ricardo Whyte.

For the first time, the Young Adult programing will include day-time activities as well as evening programs, presented by Manny Arteaga. Watch for more info on this exciting new format!

Youth, earliteens, and juniors will enjoy great activities, stories, music, and projects, as will our children’s divisions who will be learning about the adventure of living in God’s family while they enjoy the theme of a gold mining town set in the 1800’s. They will also be working on a mission project throughout the week.

Watch for more information throughout the month as we finish up our schedule and information packet!

5K Fun Run Info

2015 Gladstone Oregon English & Spanish Camp Meeting Video Archives