Camp Meetings

2015 Campestre Hispano
Julio 16-18, 2015 ~ Llamados a Amar y Adorar... Miembros en Ministerio

Con mucho gusto te saludo y te doy la bienvenida a nuestro Campestre Hispano 2015.

Notarás que el tema es “Llamados para Amar y Adorar”. A través de las presentaciones del Ptr. Alejandro Bullón y de los seminarios tendremos el privilegio de profundizar en la importancia de adorar al Creador, así como de entender y aceptar su amor que nos lleva a “Amar a las Almas”.  Además te anticipo que te gozarás con la experiencia de adoración a través de la música con el Coro Adventista Hispano, así como con los servicios de adoración dirigidos por nuestros músicos de las diferentes Iglesias Hispanas. Con los jóvenes estará el grupo Evidence.  También dedicaremos dos secciones al desarrollo de los talentos de nuestros niños.  Presentaremos algunos videos sobre grandes bendiciones que Dios nos ha dado como Ministerio Hispano en éstos últimos años al conseguir dos nuevos templos y un centro de servicio comunitario. Te espero el Jueves 16 de Julio a las 7:00 pm en Gladstone para adorar a Dios y escuchar al Ptr. Bullón. ¡Bienvenido!

Ptr. David Paczka

Download a PDF of the
2015 Campestre Hispano Booklet.

Para más información llama al Departamento de Ministerio Hispano al 503-850-3525.

2015 Gladstone Camp Meeting
July 21-25, 2015 ~ Called to Love...Members in Ministry

We have planned and prayed that your time this week will be a true blessing for you as you enjoy camp meeting.

A theme that has been developing throughout our conference these past few years is that of being “Called by God – Members in Ministry.” This year we continue that theme by focusing on the idea that we are “Called to Love…” As you can see that is not a finished thought because love is only possible as we experience God’s love first of all. And ministry without that component is missing both motivation and effectiveness. So join me in opening your heart to the beautiful and energizing reason for being “Called to Love…” – Jesus.

Our evening speaker, Lee Venden, is passionate about this topic. You will be blessed as he looks into the pictures of Jesus within the book of Revelation. Bring your Bible because each morning at 9:00 Jon Paulien will expand that picture even more as we discover the God of Revelation who calls us to worship. The theme “Called to Love…” will be powerfully unpacked each morning at 7:00 as Carla Gober-Park develops her series – “Live it…”

And then there are the seminars. I know you will struggle to be in more than one place at the same time, as once again we fill the day with opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal.


Oh, by the way, camp meeting is for all of us. We will be experiencing God’s “Call to Love…” as David Hall shares his passion for Jesus in young adults/collegiates . The youth will be challenged with the “Dangerous Engagement” of encountering God who is the definition of love. Earliteens and Juniors will also reflect this theme in their programing. And even our children’s programs will be learning about God’s love throughout His universe.  —  We are glad you are here!

Download a PDF of the
2015 Gladstone Camp Meeting Booklet.

Sabbath Afternoon Activities

3:00 - 5:00 pm - The King's Heralds Concert
King's Herald
  |  Plaza Pavilion

Offering Information

Evangelism Offering
July 21, 22, 24 & 25 - Plaza Pavilion

The Evangelism Offering goal for camp meeting this year is $80,000. The intent for these funds will be to (1) Support local churches in holding outreach events during the last half of the year; (2) Assist in developing training support for Bible workers throughout our conference; (3) Fund our Youth Rush/Magabook summer program giving students and young adults an opportunity to do literature evangelism work during the summer.

Education Offering
Thursday, July 23 - Plaza Pavilion

The Education offering will be used to provide scholarships for Adventist students who may need some financial assistance to attend our Oregon Conference Adventist Schools. There will be young people, this school year, that will choose to live forever with a loving God in a perfect place because of your support for this offering. This offering will be taken up at the Thursday evening meeting. You may still give online through the Oregon Conference website or directly through your local church (YES fund).

This year's theme is It's All About Jesus with guest speaker Ed Schmidt from the North American Division Evangelism Institute, SDA Theological Seminary. Yes, he and his wife ride a Harley! View more details and the weekend schedule here.